My Racing Under Saddle Experience by Stephanie Jacobs

I never intended to become a RUS rider. I started out by riding Standardbreds to help them get a change of scenery and change their attitude on the race track. So many people asked me why I did not become a RUS rider, I just said I didn’t think it was for me. Over time the idea of the sport grew on me until I could not wait to get my chance behind the gate.

Stephanie Jacobs not only rides RUS
but also shows her STB mounts in
western and english classes.
Photo by Vicki Wright
My first ride was Allstar Blues trained by Tom Fanning. For months after that I had more people asking me to ride horses to help them. One of those people was a good friend of mine Julie Miller, she asked me to ride a trotting mare called Some Like It Hot who loved being ridden. Not long after that I broke a gelding, Bambino Hall, to ride. He then became my mount for the Hamiltonian series.

Things happened very quickly. My first training mile ever was behind the gate with Bambino Hall getting evaluated for my RUS license. I was terrified and beyond excited all in the same moment, it literally was the calm before the storm. When the mile was over I was hooked, I could not believe what I had just done.

My second training mile was with Helene Gregory and Master Pine. Another new experience behind the gate with a horse and that was an even better experience. I was on my way to receiving my license.

Not long after receiving my license I was going to my first race at the Meadowlands riding in the Hamiltonian Monte Trot series. I was so ecstatic after I successfully completed my first race. I could not and can not wait for more. I am addicted to RUS. When ever I think about racing these amazing athletes my heart races almost out of my chest.

Standardbreds have changed my life. From showing Standardbreds to racing them they have consumed my heart and soul. I will be a Standardbred lover for the rest of my life.

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